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VCard Sender app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2288 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Bad Dog Apps
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.70, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Apr 2009
App size: 7.34 Mb

VCard Sender, is your CURE of living both private and business use, why? Because only VCard Sender can provide the sophisticated management of your Current contacts information, while maintaining complete control of the contact information decide to share from your Address Book. VCard Sender allows better utilization and resource management, then Effortless means to share the contact information you want.

VCard Sender is one of your convenient applications that allows you to set up, manage VCards from any entry in your Address Book, organized them into Favorites or Groups of Vcards and be saved for future reuse. You can send multiple Vcards from your device either by Email, iMessage or Airdrop all from one simple screen, all features are available in one place and easy to access.

Quickly reuse and organize how you pass VCards to other people, for example you could send information on all the people in a club, business department or family. One Email, iMessage or Air Drop can update another person with all the VCard information you want them to have instantly.

Complete customization of all the VCards can be stored as a Favorite or in a Group of VCards, you can go back and change the information that will be sent at anytime, you can turn on or off addresses, phone numbers, websites, dates, personal information, notes and the contact photo.

You can quickly view exactly what the will be sent as the new VCard and modify the contacts from your Address Book if you need to change or update any information before sending any VCards.

“VCard Sender is a widespread trends toward globalized ,digitalized work that transforming the way of communication. A CURE for better Living”

Visit our website to see a video of VCard Sender in action, VCard Sender is available for OSX on the Mac App Store, and for iOS 7 on the iTunes Store with separate optimized version for the iPad and iPhone so you can enjoy the same experience on all you Apple Desktop and Mobile devices.

Note: Cell or WiFi connection is required to email, iMessage or Air Drop VCards.

Pros and cons of VCard Sender app for iPhone and iPad

VCard Sender app good for

If you are like me and have allot of meetings or travel quite a bit for business you know your always in need of sending out your contact information to potential clients. This app does just that. The app allows you the ability to send your personal vcard as well as other vcard contacts via SMTP within the application. You can customize and set up Vcard favorites and vcard Groups. Im going to use this application quite a bit.
Nice app for what it does. You can use it to back up your contacts too.
This app is easy to use and a must have for client based business. Must have for me I recommend this to anyone
Nice app for what it does. You can use it to back up your contacts too.
I gave 4 stars because it is a pretty cool app, well thought out, and easy to use. Great job

Some bad moments

forget this app if youre trying to download to a car audio system via bluetooth ! It only supports other apple devices.
I cant get the app to work. I import a contact into the app but then I cannot see the contact card. I get an error message: "contact is not a valid address book contact and cannot be viewed!" Btw. I am computer literate. I own an IT consulting company and program.
Is there no app that lets u send contact info through bluetooth to something besides an iPhone ????????
Bought this app because the reviews looked good. I have one word that describes this app ... AWFUL! The user interface and the usability of this app are ridiculous ... sorry. First app that I have purchased and want a refund for. Not sure who would ever think this is a 5 star app. Makes me question if the reviews are real.
This app is OK to send files via email but it wont transfer files via Bluetooth. Solve that and I will up the rating to 5 stars
Not intuitive at all. Doesn’t give you any fine grained control. You get ALL NUMBERS or ALL ADDRESSES, not specific ones. This serves no value and was a complete waste of my money… We really need demo mode